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Article at New Matilda.

I have an article about Harry Nicholaides up at New Matilda.

I’ve been putting this article off. Partly because it’s about a man in jail whose chances of release I don’t want to sour, and partly because I quite like Thailand and would like to visit it again.

I know Harry Nicolaides. And I have a copy of his book, Verisimilitude.

A short film I helped shoot and edit with the Punk Monk crew recently.
You Are Not Bleeding from Dermot McGuire on Vimeo.

New blog post up at TechWiredAU.

It’s worth keeping an eye on what US President Barack Obama is doing with his social media now that he’s taken office. While there’s been a lot of talk about whether he can keep his blackberry and how his team will cope with an all-windows environment, ultimately that’s just a surface issue. Social media works on Windows too, and the US president will likely have more important things to worry about than his Twitter addiction. It’s likely that he’ll be able to reach a compromise on the blackberry – the two main concerns are unvetted comments going out live and the issue of Presidential records – neither of which are insurmountable odds.

Over at Counterknowledge.

Windschuttle’s tenure at Quadrant has been marked by two tendencies. The first is to critique his opponents for insufficient footnoting and ideological bias, and to rail against postmodernism and cultural studies in all their forms. The second has been to publish climate change scepticism and HIV denialism.

This odd combination of insisting that academics stick to the objective facts while publishing this kind of garbage has set Quadrant up for a solid fisking. Today, that fisking happened.